Port of Tallinn

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia)

There are five ferry companies operating from the Port of Tallinn with frequent sailings to Finnish and Swedish destinations.

Eckerö Line Ferry Company

Eckerö Line started operating a frequent route between Tallinn and Helsinki in 1994.

The M/s Nordlandia is one of the largest passenger vessels sailing this route, with a capacity of 2,000 passengers and 450 vehicles. There are 228 cabins, four of which are specially designed for disabled passengers. The ship was built in Germany in 1981 and can reach a speed of 20 knots.

The excellent onboard facilities include dancing, a buffet restaurant, duty-free shopping, a pub, a café and conference rooms.

Silja Line Ferry Company

Silja Line is the one of the major ferry companies sailing on the Baltic Sea. There are daily trips to Finland and Sweden throughout the year. The company operates five ships during summer and winter.

Silja Line also runs a crossing to Rostock twice a week. This journey takes approximately 25 hours.

The SuperSeaCat Three and Four are high-speed ferries designed to give the passenger the highest level of comfort. They have a maximum speed of 38 knots and will get you to Helsinki in 1 hour, 40 minutes.

The SuperSeaCat Three can carry 671 passengers, 140 cars and four buses. The vessel was built in 1999 and reaches a speed of 38 knots, while the SuperSeaCat Four was built in 1999 and can accommodate 707 passengers, 140 vehicles and four buses. It also reaches a maximum speed of 38 knots.

Onboard facilities include tax-free shopping, buffet, snack bar and supervised children's play area. Soft drinks, wine and beer are included in the price on most of the ships.

Tallink Ferry Company

Tallink operates a fleet of 11 ferries, nine of which are in service as passenger ferries. The other two only transport freight. Tallink transports around 2.8 million passengers per annum. All of their ships meet the highest requirements of modern sailing.

The Galaxy and the Meloodia are the main ships sailing between Tallinn and Helsinki. The Galaxy can accommodate 2,800 passengers, while the Meloodia has room for 1,600 passengers. There are also crossings available on fast ferries. All vessels provide facilities for those with disabilities.

The company provides one daily sailing between Tallinn and Stockholm. The two vessels operating the routes are the Romantica and the Victoria I. Sailing duration is approximately six hours.

Nordic Jet Lines Ferry Company

Nordic Jet Lines operates up to six fast sailings a day between Tallinn and Helsinki. Journey time is approximately 1 hour, 40 minutes. The HCS Baltic Jet and HSC Nordic Jet operate the route. They offer business class, jet class, super economy and economy crossings. Onboard facilities include a shop, café and bar. Both can carry 428 passengers and 55 cars. They can reach a maximum cruising speed of 40.5 knots.

Viking Line Ferry Company

Viking Line has seven ferries serving passenger routes between the Finnish mainland, Aland and Sweden as well as between Finland and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Viking Line operates a route twice a day between Tallinn and Helsinki with a sailing time of three hours. Their vessels provide a selection of quality cabins to choose from, ranging from a single conference cabin to a four-berth family one or from a deluxe cabin to a large luxury suite. All cabins include WC, shower, radio and air conditioning facilities.

Tallinn Port

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